BW Scala

Located in the heart of the Park District, the BW Scala stretches along an inner common courtyard that connects to the Sava Park. Tenants have at their disposal an underground garage on two levels, two entrance lobbies with a reception, as well as apartments with glass fences and large windows.


BW Sole

BW Sole offers all the benefits of urban, active life near the Sava Park. The modern lifestyle in the surroundings of the building is complemented by the most modern facilities in the building itself. All apartments have terraces with large windows. The spacious inner courtyard is ideal for family activities.  Kindergarten, shops, cafes and restaurants are in the immediate vicinity.


BW Libera

BW Libera is a unique environment for healthy and active lifestyle. The nearby Sava Park and the Sava Promenade are the perfect setting for jogging, cycling, rollerblading, walking, picnics or relaxation. The façade of the BW Libera is formed by a series of cascading blocks that create a street environment.

Project management and supervision of excavation, execution of works on deep foundation, project management of UXO detection